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SWIM has used the search engine and is currently reading through the large volume of posts and figured he would give posting his thoughts/questions a whirl. Flame if you must.

SWIM is planning to take on the task of producing his own psilocybin and has some questions for someone with experience and is looking for criticism of his current thoughts.

1. Is mycelium the way to go for trips? SWIM is aware that some carpophores still need to be fruited to produce more spores from time to time, but the demand for fruiting would be considerably lower if he could obtain the hallucinogen from the mycelium. He is under the impression this method is fast and easy, comparatively.

2. He sees things online that would help greatly (a humidity and gas-exchange controlling unit for example), but he wonders if the bees here do not have comparable or better-yet methods and procedures for controlling such variables. He also wonders of the legality of purchasing said materials. Possibly materials with no spores is safer? Of course none of this is ordered by the grower or sent to the grow site.

3. He knows that B+ or Psilocybe Cubensis is the least difficult strand to grow. Thus, he will start and learn with that species. However, he looks forward to moving on to more potent and more difficult to cultivate strands.

4. When does sterility become a factor? He knows the spores are very resilient, that they can take abuse. Do they always have to be sterile, like for storage? What condidtions of the grow room promote harmful bacterial growth in the fungus?

5. In conclusion, and most importantly, what are the bees' tried and true best and/or most simplified means of cultivation? PF technique in individual jars? Colonizing jars with mycelium? Fruiting shit loads of the fungus in large containers? What definitely fucks everything up?

SWIM will continue reading everything he can find that he thinks might pertain and is eager to hear some bees' opinions.


The Mycelium is too week, eating 10g don't doo much, go for the fruit. The humm. is important, use a perlite system. Start with PF system, then inculate big amount's of rye in alu-pans.
Or by som salicylaldehyde,Sodiumazide, Bromoaceticacidmethylester and oxalylchloride

SWIM should have included this but he was planning on extracting the active principles from the mycelium rather than just ingesting it. He was looking at this method for speed and simplicity, but he still could be barking up the wrong tree.

Or by som salicylaldehyde,Sodiumazide, Bromoaceticacidmethylester and oxalylchloride

...your suggesting using this as the medium for fruiting? Do other nutrients need to be added?

I *highly* doubt that any living organism could survive on the above mixture of chemicals. I mean, these aren't exactly appreciated for their nutritional value  :P .

(It is used for the synthesis of psilocin of course..)

SWIM is quite ashamed he didn't notice the above chems were for synth, somtimes he get's a one-track mind, and it was around 3 in the morning with no chemical assistance.  :(

Ok then bees, would it be much less hassle to cut out the middle man and just make the molecule? SWIM doubts this as he feels tryptamine synthesis is over his head. He's trying to learn as fast as he can. Let's say it takes him a month to learn how to grow and maybe two or three to learn how to synth it as he is familiar with the chemical, just has no practical experience in making it himself. He still cannot see how the synth would be feasable for him or advantageous over the fruiting b/c he can get everything needed for fruiting and assumes the chemicals and equipment needed for manufacture of a tryptamine would be very hard for him to get ahold of, not to mention the skills and discipline.

He has large amounts of melatonin that he believes he can extract with reasonable purity.Any fairly simple route to a hallucinogen here? 5-MeO-DMT perhaps? Dimethylating the 5-MeO-T is the only thing he does not kow how to do as of now. HE knows all of the info for it is here and merely needs the time to educate himself and find the chems.


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