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1 gram my ass!
« Reply #20 on: October 12, 2004, 05:00:00 PM »
swis has been a methhead (no offense to the real methhead---your the man!) for 25yrs, and if anyone did a real 100%meth shot of 1g, they'd be crankin with the meth god himself!  swis will on occasion still IV (have been a meth/coffee/aspirin convert for waaaaay some time), the cough seems to have went the way of prope dope if you ask me.  yeah you may get a sorta kinda cough, but the real kick ass feelin has gone the way of the edsel.  give me prope and give me meth! :o  ;)  8)


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the cough. .
« Reply #21 on: October 12, 2004, 10:32:00 PM »
thats from traces of solvents used in making it, more common in the older alkali/earth metal methods popular before the pseudo method became known, SWIM has seen people cough from his D when the dopefiends couldnt wait for the acetone to dry completely,when it was used to clean up gassed dope.
Now on the subject of dosages SWIM sure the hell knows how to  make clean recrystallized meth, and regulary weighs a minimum of 400mg when doing iv. When meth is real clean u can do even more of it at a time, and many times over .60 of a gram was done. Maybe SWIM is an abnormnal methhead but he has done it since the 70's. There is my 2 cents on this matter, had to comment on it though 8)


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« Reply #22 on: October 12, 2004, 10:47:00 PM »
swis stands corrected 8) !  guess i need to clean house some more :o !  hey, by the way, thanks for your help on my case of the red hots evilscriptor 8) .  your ghetto FB i'll be checkin out soon.  havin more problems as we speak. (my life story lately).  Late


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« Reply #23 on: October 13, 2004, 01:49:00 AM »
Methamphetamine is a strong brochodilator - ever heard of Vicks-Inhalers? A sudden relaxation of the lung will make you cough, in special when you are a strong smoker although thats not necessary.
Simple: The body had established a certain tension on the lungs, this tension is chemically removed, very sudden in case of IV, and the reflexive nervous system wants to counter this sudden change - coughing is nothing but a sudden tension.

Its funny to see how ppl asking questions in the crystal-meth forum get so many replies, but almost never answers on the question asked. Even more funny is that nobody seems to mind.
Meth often establishes a certain self-centered pseudo-communication (pun intended), many may see this as natural or even normal - rest assured, it is not.


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« Reply #24 on: October 13, 2004, 05:18:00 AM »
perhaps, but you can still taste the meth on a big wack of crystals, and that tastes like fuel, and it makes you cough, just the stench alone.


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« Reply #25 on: October 13, 2004, 05:48:00 AM »
First let me say Ibee hasn't coughed in years and while that might be tolerance related, he always associated the cough with ether extracted dope that contained cuts!

Post 266185 (missing)

(wareami: "Re: IV meth vs. ritalin vs. coke?", General Discourse)

Post 472091

(wareami: "Jacked is correct! As usual!", Stimulants)

(Read those whole threads!)

1000mg is not unheard of for Ibee on very rare occassions(ExtraPureDope)....
You may not hear an intelligent word for weeks...
But know better than to place unrealistic expections on me by now :P  ;D  ;)

But remember kidz....Ibee has severe adhd and that plays into his tolerance with meth!
Using since 1974 should also be taken into account!

The most amount Ibee has ever done in one sitting was with meth of unknown origin....but it was white back in the day compared to the variouscolor BikerCrank so it was slightly cleaner.
1250mg IV.
Standing UP at time of impact!
Slid down the wall and couldn't move or speak for twenty minutes! Couldn't hear either for all the bellringing goin on.
All the sudden 20minutes later...UP^^UP and Away...
Ibee couldn't stay!
Buzz to remember!
Very Stupid and not recommended whatsoever!
Never heard of puking...that might be a cut related response.


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Fessin' up...
« Reply #26 on: October 13, 2004, 07:00:00 AM »
swit_c IV's as well, just didn't want to get flamed for it because wasn't sure how others felt about it.  When swit_c would shoot 1/4 gram which is usual dose, would cough his head off, eyes would feel like someone was pushing on them from the outside in, extreme, extreme euphoria, instantly just wanted someone to screw and would take 2 days to finish having sex.  These experiences have always been with street bought stuff and have had a few successful small rxn's of swit_c's own but these effects have eluded him.  Swit_c loves the cough.  Have never done a whole gram at once.  Did 3/4 of a gram one time and sketched out for 4 hours, sitting in the kitchen sink, crying thinking even the guy on the lawn mower passing by was part of the DEA bust I was hallucinating about.  About 2 years ago. That was no fun.  The landlord finally showed up to help fix A/C and snapped me out of it.  Won't go any further with how that story ended.  Was in a fucked up situation, girlfriend took off, dealer told me he had been cheating with her so I was tweaking alone in my apartment with no radio, tv or computer to occupy my mind.  I do not recommend that.  On a side note, isn't MSM somewhat pliable?  Won't it bend a little before breaking and crystal just breaks?

Swit_c also stands up while injecting and as soon as the needle is pulled out begin walking around until doubling over to cough.


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Another thing, swit_c has done a hit that made
« Reply #27 on: October 13, 2004, 10:19:00 AM »
Another thing, swit_c has done a hit that made the bottoms of his feet so hot he had to kick his shoes off, what the hell is that?


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Hot Feet!!
« Reply #28 on: October 13, 2004, 12:08:00 PM »
I got the hot feet before..and the hot arm. it was from heroin, though. i attribute this to the fact that niacin is a common agent used to cut things where manitol is too expensive- ie GHETTO. thats just a guess, but i think i was right on my occasion. niacin will make you burn up inside! ;D


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Heat Rushes...
« Reply #29 on: October 13, 2004, 02:29:00 PM »
Heat Rushes are mostly attributed to salts...
Many cuts will contain some form of salt as the xtalling  seed or a large part of the compound.
The cough Rush is usually attributed to excess solvent trapped in the xtal lattice. Most noticable is ether.
That is why you'll see recrystallization being preached so much around here.
Many impurities exist as well, depending on the synth route and each impart their own "Flavor/Buzz/Side-Effect".
JawClenching/TeethGrinding/MuscleCramping Dope is riddled with impurities but also will have that signature RUSH, which isn't ever synonymous with pure meth!
Pure Meth is a smoothe ride until you reach the higher doses, and then it's just real intense.
I've never heard of or witnessed a meth overdose causing instant death or locking up vital organs!
Coke can stop a heart.
Meth in very high doses will make a bee braindead before it causes organ flailure.
That is my assessment...don't take that to the bank...(or the grave! ;) )
While I'm sure it's a possibility, it takes much more than one would think or what many are told.

While niacin may be included in some streetbought would be more noticable than just a heat rush...
If there were alot of niacin, there would be a heavy skin and face flushing period followed by brief but intense itching IMHO at the flushing site.
Never IV'ed niacin but comsumed it orally in heavy doses.

And one more thing....alot of stereotyping surrounds IV'ing drugs. Provided the drug is in it's pure form, there is no cleaner route of adminstration. And Provided sanitary and sterile measures are practiced.
For those that IV any drug, they should research the term
"Harm Reduction" and learn the safety rules and proper practices. Never waiver from those guidelines, cause all it takes is one stupid mistake or over/undersight sacrificed to the "InstantGratification God" to make your life miserable.
Hospitals and qualified medical professionals wouldn't choose the IV/IM route of adminstration most often, if it weren't the safest/cleanest route of getting drugs into your ass!
Again....this is all my opinion and I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination.
So take it with a large grain of sympathomimetic amine salt :P


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I agree wareami
« Reply #30 on: October 13, 2004, 02:54:00 PM »
swit_c only felt bad about firing the first time it was done and one other time when arm resembled swiss cheese.  Didn't even really like meth until fired.  Snorted it a few times prior and it always made throat sore.  Smoking, seemed like couldn't get enough and would sit and puff 6-8 hours and so wasteful, look how much just plumes into the air.


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SWIMS laughed so hard
« Reply #31 on: October 14, 2004, 02:42:00 AM »
at these last few posts after his post. SO true been there done that. the 2 day sex  shooting up over a gram and being seriously stuck on something, just hopefully it was a female, before coming across a box of wires or old closet, or who knows what, never got that paranoia thingy though.
Now hot feet. .   thats from cuts, want to cough T_C ??
 wash ur d with acetone and slam some when its 97% dried out, you will cough for sure.
Sorry for rambling i  still cant stop laughing, just brought back 100 memories relating to all your comments, or the latest bioassay was real good,
Glad there is still hair in my head though, had as notable experience with spontaneous ignition of a reaction gas from a balloon coming into contact with oxygen i think... :o


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another forum
« Reply #32 on: October 14, 2004, 04:51:00 AM »
I just posted something in the general discourse forum that ya'll might like 

Post 535804 (missing)

(Jade: "First time shooting up meth...", General Discourse)

(I'm afraid this thread is getting off of chemistry too much for this forum.)


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Biotechdude, Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeee.
« Reply #33 on: October 14, 2004, 07:29:00 AM »
Biotechdude, Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeee. Hehehehehehe.
The cough is really your lungs spasming from a jolt and it appears as a reflex move like a cough or a no oxy breath.. It is not from cut as some of us elder bees can assure its cut came only from a razor blade..


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agree with you, jacked
« Reply #34 on: October 14, 2004, 08:23:00 AM »
its not cut, but swim has done many kinds of meth over the years and believes its a response from your body trying to reject something it doesnt like, real clean  meth has never made me cough, but the stuff made from the nazi method in the 70's and 80's frequently did, that stuff usually had a strong odor, kind of ammonia like. Whenever meth with those odors were used it always brought a cough, just like SWIM has seen users cough  from his meth when it was gassed and washed with acetone, and they wouldnt wait for it to dry completely before injecting it.


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the charm of IV
« Reply #35 on: October 14, 2004, 09:31:00 AM »

And one more thing....alot of stereotyping surrounds IV'ing drugs. Provided the drug is in it's pure form, there is no cleaner route of adminstration

Thats obviously nonsense. A clean drug can be administrated in any way and stays a clean drug as long you dont cut it. Oral, anal, nasal, smoked whatever. What should make IV "cleaner" please? Oh my.
Drawbacks od IV are:
- its habitforming. The puking of the needle gets half the fun. Getting fun out of puking holes into ones body is a little bit perverted, isnt it?
- everybody can see you are a serious addict by looking at your veins.
- once started with IV it will be done sooner or later with everything, not only clean stuff but the lousiest street cut too. This isnt true if you have a solid lifitime-supply around of course. Have you?
- rarely somebody looks more stupid than a person trying to find a vein to get the needle in and not finding an accessible one, getting gradually more and more hysteric.

I know some ppl who do IV drugs for a long and who dont have hepatitis-B. But the very most of them have. The very most also have unaccessible veins and had serious infections because a human body is not made to be cut or needled every day.

Its a personal choice of course, but reading this practice is the most "clean" one makes me wanna puke.


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swit_c thinks what was meant about clean is...
« Reply #36 on: October 14, 2004, 10:23:00 AM »
swit_c thinks what was meant about clean is that it doesn't affect "extra" body parts, such as lungs, stomach or nasal cavities.  Just what the meth is going to affect anyway you take it.


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Actually I like to regard my veins very well...
« Reply #37 on: October 14, 2004, 02:09:00 PM »
Actually I like to regard my veins very well as part of my body.

But as told before: Its a personal decision and I just dislike the way of justification. Say "it kicks like hell" and not "it´s clean" for a reason and its ok with me.


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IV is for sure NOT the cleanest way to get high!!
« Reply #38 on: October 15, 2004, 02:24:00 AM »


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More nonsense
« Reply #39 on: October 15, 2004, 03:20:00 AM »
And the other sides nonsense. Wonderful.

The problem with IV is that one pukes holes with needles into the body, not the salt which is injected. SALT not ACID.
In the case of perfectly clean meth of course.
Mannitol is a good adulterant for use with injections.
Facing the fact that really clean meth is rare even when homecooked, it might be a good idea to have muscous membrene as filter between the crank and the blood. Thats what these membranes are made for. Avoids also the holes. Which muscous membrane doesnt really matter, lungs, nose, mouth or stomach. It is a SALT. Washing ones nose with saline solution is recommened when one has a cold, so what?

I have seen burned veins and destroyed noses and worse from cocain IV and snorted. I dont know why this is this way but its a fact. I have rarely seen somebody with nasal problems because of amphetamines and if this was to blame on cut. The simple fact that snorters have the illusion that "the more it burns, the more it turns" leads to cuts which give the user what he wants: A real bad burning sensation in the nose.

This is no religious crusade for or against a way of administration. Just trying to name the facts and the decision is left to oneself. I had several misconceptions about IV, smoking etc. myself in the past, to many myths are told over and over again.