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Orgy and Indole:
While I respect you bees and your opinions/insight, my opinions are just that!
I don't advocate others ditching their preferred method of administration in favor of those for which I choose that suit my lifestyle.
Iam afterall, in this for the research and experience whereas others might fall victim to irresponsible use or abuse.
I cannot speak for that which I have not tried and I suggest others refrain from injecting their conjecture or opinion based on areas they haven't explored personally.
I may have erred in saying IV is the cleanest route. It's the most effective at delivering the drug and since the bloodstream is needed for this particular susbtance to distribute the desired effect, it makes sense that direct delivery bypasses the other areas susceptable to damage enroute.
I've never willfully converted non-IV users and in fact advise against it until others arm themselves with the facts regarding risk.
Meth is a habit forming, addictive substance.
That we all agree on....but IV use doesn't have to propel the user into the gutter and declare that user an outcast of society.
I hate the propaganda-ized stigma associated with IV use. It is those campaigns that keep clean syringes out of reach of those that will less healthy means of getting the drug into their systems.
That thinking creates health problems, not prevents them, for those that have exhausted "LESS RISKY...MORE DAMAGING" routes of administration.
Anyone wishing to experience the drug in it's full effect, need only introduce that substance directly to the bloodstream for the full impact!
So strike the "Cleanliness" factor!
Ibee still has veins thanx to observing the rules of safe IV use.
Neither advocating nor condemning IV use.
Ibee's been a pincushion for 24years and never once landed in the ER, except for that Ritalin Overdose 181/110 BP.
Never again will he ever IV methyphenidate! NEVER!
That was merely a poor choice of substances to use in that manner
You live you learn and you share your experience, strength, and hope if you share the concerns of others!
You dispel the myths when you can and you move on knowing you did your part.
Having the means to keep an endless supply of meth makes Ibee a walking example that IV meth use doesn't have to kill you or make you some sort of social leper.
There is a time and a place for anybee that parties!
Knowing and observing that as a rule is the epitome of responsible drug use.
If the people Ibee dealt with on a daily basis knew Ibee was an IV drug user, they'd turn away and keep on walking!
That speaks volumes about how well Ibee manages his drug use.
If I were to say Ibee didn't occasionly abuse his drug of choice he'd be lying!
But he faired far worse abusing alcohol for 30years str8!
Thank The Meth Godz that nightmare is over!
What doesn't kill Ibee makes him stronger, if not slightly more knowledgable!
Now if you'll excuse me...AWE the Kidz are rolling their eyes at "Ibee's Serious Side"!


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salt yes - but complex, not ionic!
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Agreeing with wareami
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IV use can be controlled.  Swit_c has been an IV user for 4 years and works in the civil engineering field designing roads, bridges & WWTP.  2 entirely different lifestyles somehow meshed together.  No way could this fact be shared with anyone and no one has ever even suspected.


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Indole_Amine, nice theories you have!
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salts can be acids and bases too.
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strong acid + strong base -> neutral salt
(HCl + NaOH -> NaCl)

strong acid + weak base -> acidic salt
(HCl + meth -> meth.HCl)

weak acid + strong base -> alkaline salt
(acetic acid + NaOH -> sodium acetate)

actually pure meth _does_ hurt in the nose!
btw: NaOH is a salt too.


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Re: How do your veins look like btw?
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About the needle...
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There are times when I find myself in a distinct minority of users, and one of those times is when it comes to opinions on IV administration of meth.

I neither advocate nor condemn it. I indulge, on occasion. It is not my regular method of ingestion. I tend to be a smoker first, and will orally ingest if I have manual work to do and want to be up for heavy labor. I've done booty bumps and have found that to be an effective method of administration. I have no objection to IV administration, have a hygenic protocol, have never had a problem from IV meth injection, and tend to use this method when the main item on the agenda is sex.

I had a problem with IV cocaine. I liked the rush far too much. I liked the combined cocaine/heroin rush even more. I damaged some veins with cocaine, and even have some new veins that apparently replaced the more damaged ones. I've not done cocaine in nearly ten years. I have not had the experience of damaging veins with methamphetamine. I don't know if my technique is better, or the substance is just not as damaging when a vein is torn or missed. I tend to use veins in the arm, and have used the same veins in rotation for several years. I have veins I can't use, but those are veins damaged with cocaine use. While I am sure one could damage a vein with meth injections, in my experience there isn't the permanent scarring one finds with cocaine misses. Misses may lead to swelling which takes time to subside; swelling of or around a vein is an indication to use another vein in my estimation.

The incidence of IV use of meth is probably between five to seven percent of my total meth use at most. 

I do not find that this route of administration makes the drug addictive, and I do not have a fixation with registering or seeing blood in the syringe.  I have a preference for this route of administration in connection with specific activity, just as I have a preference for oral administration when I have heavy labor to do, and tend to prefer to smoke the drug at other times. Cocaine left me unable to snort the drug effectively.

Done properly, meth can be safely and effectively administered by the intravenous route. If you have a reason for doing meth that way, as I have, and you have learned the proper way to do it, IV administration should not, of itself, be avoided. By the same token, there is no particular reason for exclusive IV administration. Again, I am probably in the minority with this viewpoint.


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Cheap Shots....
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I'm sure Orgy meant no he says...he's making fact available and I don't hold that against him in the least.
When it comes to preference...he has his and I have mine.
Trying to dissuade others from making wrong decisions for themselves is no crime...
But I like to hear from those that have first hand experience as well as the factslinging.
In reply to Org's question!
Ibee does cheapshots all week long and never once had to throw the rig down or resort to bootyshots or smoking :o  ;)
And as another bee points out...smoking is sooooooo wasteful!
Ibee can't snort anymore....not from cocaine use....but from the 4 years of steady meth inhalation leaving his sinuses tore UP!
And yes Ibee could ingest meth if he knew it wouldn't do to his stomach what it did to his nose!


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Ibee's veins are fine...
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Blessed with large surface veins, can hit 4 particular each arm all the way from elbow to wrist.  So can party it in at least 20-30 times with no obvious marks, fast healer too I guess.  When trying insuffalation was left with a terribly sore throat, never tried swallowing, tried booty bump, but nothing beats the direct to the stream! :-[


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« Reply #49 on: October 15, 2004, 04:47:00 PM »
They wont be large long.. Swim IV'd meth for quite a long time when he realized it was only getting worse on his tolerance and body.. Meth is a cardiovascular restrictor, It will shrink your pipes over time and scar tissue will be left were holes were poked.. Many users get the syringes for a single belly pop of insulin. That is the common rig used and they simply were not designed for hitting a tough vain. The tip of the little thin needle burrs over and when it is pulled from the vain tears it leaving a place to scar over larger than the little hole it popped in your skin.. A miss is capable of shutting down a vain completely. There are needles that are made for hitting a vain. They are thicker and have wider points than a rig made to hit the fatty part of the body. These rigs do not burr over and exit clean letting the hole collapse with no tears.. On the tolerance thing, Swim found out that injecting the shit required more dope in the long run than he was using before he started IVing. Swim was up to close to a 1/2 a gram hit at one point (no pun intended). Not only that but the places that he could hit became fewer and fewer. This is what causes tracks, the attempts taken at a vain can equal up to several hits and if it is with a insulin rig it is worse on the inside. Look at a brand new tip under a microscope then stick yourself once then look at it again.. You might not be able to feel it but you will damn sure see the tip distorted. He finally figured out that drinking it would turn out to be the method that allowed him to quit. A rig fixed up just like it was going to be used was in turn injected into a shot glass half filled with OJ, He would not chase it with a drink but only with a peace of gum, The OJ would not make its way to the stomach just coating the path down and it was absorbed into the body with enough speed to give a nice rush.. The euphoria after that was close to the same and eventually the amounts were decreased slowly winging Swim to another form of administration. Swim had to shut down his IV use and it was not easy, He still misses it a little every now and again but will not return to that form because of obvious reasons.. That my friends is not an opinion but an experience that he thought he would share to this post.. He says He can not argue for or against the methods one chooses to do and only can say its going to be different for each person as to the damage it will do over time..

 To each his own, but remember, The ability to justify and over look some things when evaluating ones own use is always going to be predigest toward his own peace of mind and almost always seen more extreme from another's point of view..


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« Reply #50 on: October 15, 2004, 06:35:00 PM »
Since Jacked and his sage teachings were instrumental in seeing to it that Ibee got his wings, it seems FITting(pun intended) that Jacked would be the needed influence in helping Ibee usher in a new route of administration!
Never considered OrangeJuice as the vehicle to buffer the harshness!
Well...ya might say Ibee never tried to consider it and you wouldn't bee far off!
Learn something new everydaze!
Thanx Jacked!
Ibee says he'll give it a GO!
Just one thing....Ibee likes to immerse himself in all that he does...Can't he just swim in it like this? :P  8)  ;D

Now will have to give this new route of administration a name...Dontcha think???
How's bout

Okay Okay....not the best but if Ibee were still drinking it would be easier...
Ibeeware would just call it


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Thanks Jacked, you told what I wanted to say...
« Reply #51 on: October 16, 2004, 12:24:00 AM »
Thanks Jacked, you told what I wanted to say but with much better words as I ever could.
Thanks Hypo, of course does pure meth burn in the nose but not so badly as kacain does. Your post explains why, cocain being a weaker base than meth resulting in a more acidic salt I guess.


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Slurp, poke, squirt, cough-cough, ...
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Slurp, poke, squirt, cough-cough, ahhhhhhhhhhh.


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in my illustrious needle carreer, ive had...
« Reply #53 on: October 18, 2004, 11:29:00 PM »
in my illustrious needle carreer, ive had never the "pleasure" of using a needle twice. that is not good practice and it is not sanitary. if you use common sense and follow the directions-mainly the one that says DO NOT REUSE THIS NEEDLE!- then you dont rip tear or do anything gross to your body, beside the injection of heroin,meth,and cocaine that is! ;D  even if they werent made for finding veins (i.e. the 29 gauge insulin syringes) they work flawlessly! i have not had any collapse or "subcutaneous hemaraging" or any of that shit in six years.


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« Reply #54 on: October 21, 2004, 10:27:00 PM »
JB you would be the only one I know that has not had a problem in 6 years of IV'ing. Congratulations you lucky bastard... For the majority that will not be the case..
 As far as someone dieing after shooting a gram of meth look at the old army testing of the shit. They injected solders with up to a gram of the shit without killing them.. As a mater of fact I don't think I have ever herd of any one ODing on meth and dieing as a result. I have seen meth related deaths but from the drug in excess itself I don't think so.


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« Reply #55 on: October 21, 2004, 10:29:00 PM »
The salts will give heat but the heat described by JB is defiantly unreacted pseudo.. The same heat will be felt from injecting pseudo by itself followed by a long nap.. It puts u to sleep


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been dreamin
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swis has been dreaming, but has woke up long enough to say that in his 25yr experience, he has found that IV is best for being a lab test rat, and for having the best! sex.  as for legs, the route would be his famous coffee/dope/aspirin drink that has legs and legs forever. (however, i will try this OJ route and compare)>  nuff said (im dreamin your dream geez!)

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Re: The Cough.....
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A cough is due to the small capillaries bursting in the lungs.
very common with a birch or p2p synth. Many times if your method doubles volume in your syringe, you can pretty much count on getting a cough and going digital!
In the old days one would be looking forward to a good cough. It's almost like when you eat Wasabi and that vapor has to escape.

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Re: The Cough.....
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I'm not Sam

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Re: The Cough.....
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Love it!