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"Dry Over"
« on: September 02, 2004, 01:59:00 AM »
When a recipe says to dry a solvent over a certain solid does that mean to put the solvent in a desiccator with that solid on the bottom? I've read that desiccators should be used to keep solvents dry and shouldn't be used to actually dry solvents, but what I read might be wrong. Is this true?


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Incorrect. Liquids are dried as in this post:
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(GC_MS: "Purification of laboratory chemicals: drying", Chemicals & Equipment)


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Good read... thanks Rhodium.
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Good read... thanks Rhodium. I have another question... I have a container of calcium chloride and I was wondering if I could put some of it in the oven for a while to make it anhydrous or do I need to buy it in anhydrous form? Anyone know?