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mescaline extraction
« on: April 26, 2003, 09:42:00 AM »
maybe this isnt the place, but i dont know where else to ask.

a FOAF is having a problem with a mescaline extraction from san pedro. procedure was as follows:

extraction from ~170g plant matter by 2x boiling pureed material with ~10% VINEGAR (note probably only .5% actual acetic acid) and filtering
volume of extraction reduced to ~400mL
2x washed with xylene, both times freezing the aq. portion and pouring off xylene, as no sep funnel available.
basified aq. remains til solution was mildly slippery to the touch (no pH paper)

heres the problem: when attempting to remove freebase alkaloids from this solution, each of the 3 successive xylene extractions of the basified aq. sol'n  produced MORE floating white crap in the aqueous layer. is this just Na Acetate thats undissolved or what?

xylene pulls have been extracted with straight vinegar (5% AA), and are evaporating now, so it remains to be seen whether anything came through.....

any and all suggestions appreciated.