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MeOH from race fluel

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One poor Bee has already read the whole mails about nitromethane destillation from Race fluel (Papierkrann).
He has already  Nitromethan in great purity but he wants the fucked methanol to make MeI or DMS to use his fucked bromo and iodo vanilline. He knows that Nitro and Methanol forms a azeotrope. What will be the best route to become pure methanol? Distillation and washing to separate nitro from methanol with saturated brine (enough brine but no to much) or washing to separate them and then distillation of the brine/methanol solution? Is it possible to obtain this way pure methanol (nitrom free) ?thanks :-[

Visit your local auto parts store.  ;)

Of course this would help assumed the antifreeze had just a littlebit more than 10% methanol, thanks for the advice.
I have 1L race fluel wich 75% is methnol and I would like this 75%, this is my problem.

Look in Vogel for forming the nitro salt with NaOH. It also says how much NaCl to use when distilling with water/MeOH.

will probably sell virtually pure(>99%)MeOH (nothing silica gel wont cure)

Getting nitro in my experience is more difficult than methanol.

Where are you? US EU?


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