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Help me Indentify this metal

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Ok not sure if this is the right place to post(hope so). I've been searching the net all over trying to figure out what this metal is that i have.

Usually i dissolve gold plated metals in nitric acid to dissolve whatever base metal is underneath so i can retrieve the gold flakes that stay solid in the solution,
 then dissolve the gold in aqua-regia for later refining. but i've come across a metal that WILL dissolve in aqua-regia, but not in nitric acid alone. when left to soak in the nitric acid it will turn pink..

Anyway i'm hoping someone will remember a metal that will not dissolve in nitric acid and then turns pink.. but will dissolve in aqua-regia.

Thanks for any help

Copper contamination???  :-[

copper would just dissolve away....maybe titanium

or tungsten...or a good quality stainless steel...

could it be Paladium?


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