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Okay fresh off my posts about FLEA I am now looking at MBDB. Not much is written on this compound, and I again have a couple questions. Please be paitient with me.

Shulgin writes: The mixture was occasional swirled, and cooled externally as needed to keep the temperature below 50 °C. After the reduction was completed (no metallic aluminum remaining, only gray sludge), it was filtered and the residues washed with MeOH. The combined filtrate and washes were stripped of organic volatiles under vacuum, the residue treated with 100 mL Et2O, and this was extracted with 2x50 mL 3 N HCl.

Could Toulene or DCM be used instead of Et2O?

Also, what exactly is 3 N HCL?

Sounds like just a basic extraction, you could probably use any Non-Polar. It seems like the solvents role in this synth is just to take up the residue and hold it for a few minutes, until you extract with HCL. Im sure others would agree wiyh me.

P.S. 3 N HCL denotes a certain concentration of HCL, I dont know which concentration, but the imformation could be easily found if you just do some looking, or maybe someone here knows. Anyone?

Could Toulene or DCM be used instead of Et2O?

Yes, use Toluene.

Also, what exactly is 3 N HCL?

3N HCl = 3M HCl = 3 mol/l HCl
(but 3N H2SO4 = 1.5M H2SO4 = 1.5 mol/l H2SO4)
if you don't know _that_, you shouldn't make drugs, because you can't assess
how clean your product is.

I found this information on the preparatoin of 3 N HCl

Prepare 3 N HCl by adding 15 ml concentrated HCl to 45 ml di-water. Mix.


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