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Mace oil - high bp fraction


Over the last three days 500g of mace oil was fractionally distilled at 1.05mmHg through a 300mm column stuffed with stainless steel wool.

The last fraction is a tad over 90mL, and was collected from 99-110 degrees. The temp rose slowly from 99 to 110 over about 3 hours.

A BP test showed the oil boiling at 246 C.
A few drops shaken with KMnO4 solution turned the solution brown, and the smell changed from a gentle but pungent odour to the smell of preserved orange peel.

I am expecting this fraction to contain eugenol and myristicin, but the boiling point confuses me.

Given the ~20 degree temperature separation of eugenol and myristicin at 760mmHg, is it likely that fractionating at standard pressure will allow separation of these two compounds?

Also, has anyone successfully distilled myristicin at standard pressure?


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