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DXM Extraction Q's


Hi Fellow Bees,

Disclaimer: I'm a total newb at this stuff

I extracted DXM from cough syrup using an A/B extraction. I got a yield of 62% (I think) and want to refine my process.

I started out with cough syrup containing dxm hbr, and basified using ammonia (1:1 liquid amount of syrup/ammonia), extracted using naptha. I then washed the naptha a couple times with warm water, then bubbled hcl through it and filtered and washed the preciptated dxm hcl.

Q1: Basifying - Using 1:1 ammonia makes for a lot of fluid. How can I tell how much I really need? Should I use sodium hydroxide instead?

Q2: I used the beer bottle bubbler w/sulfuric acid drain cleaner and hardware store hcl. I didn't have any way to dry the gas. Does it really matter that much? would I not see any water 'bubbles' in the np if the hcl gas introduced moisture?

Q3: Is it possible to over gas the np? I gas it until I see hcl gas coming out of the np.

I didn't cool/re-gas the np after the extraction, I'll try that next time.

Q4: Is there the same amount of dxm in an equivalent weight of dxm hbr and dxm hcl?
Thanks and sorry for my first post being a plea for help  ;)


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