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OTC morphine from poppy seeds - GOOD!

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Hey, as you all have probably read/heard about people making a 'tea' preparation from poppy seeds (OTC grocery store type), because apparently morphine is washed off of the seeds I would assume, and goes along with the lemon juice/water that you used in the preparation, to make a tea.

My question is: can the water from the tea be evaporated off? So that there is left a morphine/opiate powder... that may be snorted (for better opiate buzz)?

I mean... imagine eating your heroin rock instead of crushing it and then snorting... -it's not nearly the same buzz. I know because i've had to do it before when the cops tried a bust...

I've never heard of this being done before, (making the tea a powder), unless of course, boiling the tea to evaporation would harm any opiate molecules...?

Please help here people- as this sounds like a very nice and easy OTC breakthrough...

Let me also add a piece of information that will make this whole post more relevant:

A bag (500g) of poppy seeds can be had for a few dollars at the grocery store. By estimates made on, these same seeds may contain anywhere from 20mg-200mg of morphine...

Hate to tell you this but someone has researched this
and found the seeds have nothing.A small amount of opium
not morphine can be had from the old pods.
Then a weak opium tea made from that.
It also must bee from the somniferum family of poppies.

im sorry that i have to tell you that buying poppies
is not the right way to go cause : 1: the poppies do not contain alot of opium , 2 nd the people will recognice if u buy more than a average amount ....
3 i heard of people making that tea that consuming it is a rather stupid thing to do cause they ended up with
aching heartbeat and vomiting , couse of the inpredictable content of opium.
So if u want to have morphine order alot of seeds online
( papaver somniferum ) an plant them .

I made a tea from about 500g's of gocery store poppy seeds, this was a couple years ago.
I used the lemmon juice method, and it got me pretty sick, mostly vomiting.
I do know that whenever I go for a drug test, they ask me if I ate any poppy seed foods like bagels. This may indicate something worth exploring, but then why hasnt a more experienced bee done anything with this.


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