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A case of just expired fentanyl patches were found recently. I tried an acid/base with five large patches that contianed 10mg or 100mg I cant remember, but they were the 72hr time release type and they were the larger patches out of the case.

So I added the gooey fentanyl mixtures into a mixture of lye and water, and the gunk was really broken down in this sodium hydroxide/h2O mixture. It made me think of the deconstructionist thought thread.

So then the normal workup was done but it was ended with a titration not a gassing, and a little too much muriatic acid was added.

So when the titrated water was drying it became a dark green color that looked like automobile coolant. Then it lightened up to a yellow when it dried.

So now the glass plate has yellow crystals on it....only a couple points but if it's good thats alot.

To scared to try them, they look kinda toxic.
-Did the over acidification damage the dope?
-Is it supposed to look like that?
-Can I wash it with a non polar?
-Cant exccess hcl just evaporate away over time?
-Is this "China white"?

Fortunately, fentanyl patches don't come in 10 or 100 mg doses... They do come in 25-100 µg doses though, which means that if you're very lucky, you've got 500 µg (half a miligram) of fentanyl.

Trying to work with sub-miligram amounts in an amateur lab is pretty much a dead end in my experience.

that is true in this area many men tryed many men died tread lightly od is common place in lue of the dead patch

According to the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), fentanyl-related hospital emergency department mentions increased from 576 in 2000 to 1506 in 2002. In 1995 there were just 22. There have been reported deaths associated with fentanyl use today even more

you are a wise man


the biggest patches are the 10 mgs. they deliver roughly 10mics every hour for 72 hours. dont bee afraid of the xrtals. i bang the strait goo outta the patch, i can do 2 or 3 of them without any bad side effects like puking. fentenyl is a very short acting opiate, so taste a little first. you can always do more. ;D


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