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Tor is currently the most accessible, most convenient way of staying safe on sites like this. I would consider it a personal minimum level of connection security.

Eventually, we'll probably have to move into the .onion TLD either because government and hosts are too eager to enforce society's standards, to protect morons from their own lackadaisical security practices, or both.

When using Tor, be sure the remote site is SSL/HTTPS if you are communicating any sensitive data, as several Tor exit nodes have been caught sniffing and staging MITM attacks. These vulnerabilities do not apply to properly implemented SSL.

The criticism of Tor is largely inaccurate or inapplicable, but for the sake of the crowd's (drug boosted) paranoia, consider this: Tor is used by many much, much heavier people than are likely to post here. For these people, Tor attacks would make or break the case. For us, it would only be "helpful" to the pigs.

Because of this, the fact that Tor could hypothetically be broken (alleged) would be much too valuable to let slip in the course of busting up a clandestine lab. I doubt "they" would let that gem slip (if it were true) even if it meant they could take down everybody on the Hive back in the glory days.

This is the corollary to the old "the NSA can break [strong cryptography] X." This has been applied to RSA, DSA, AES, the list goes on. If they could, as the discussion goes, they're certainly not going to tip their hand doing it to drag a music pirate into court.

Locals and computers? Forget about it.

i turn my tor on here and it the net wont work! nothing loads up ect..

Your browser isn't configured properly:


clearly you're presently incapable of helping yourself  8)

The Lone Stranger:
Salat .....when your old man pops off please PM me......... LOL.......

To TOR . How does one get into it and what protects the comunication between client and the network ? The same for that onion wotsit bit ? And poxys........Oooops !!! sorry proxys.........What stops the pigs from scaning the users in and out traffic and rideing piggy back ?

Lugh why is it that very often i cant get in here and post useing a proxy ? Up untill i joined this site and W.D.R. proxys worked very well for me .

The Lone Stranger:
"clearly you're presently incapable of helping yourself  "

I have been thinking about that since i read it . Would you have the kindnest to explain that comment please . I ask because if one of my kids said anything like that to someone else i would think that they have a personal problem with the person they are talking to and would feel a little bit like i had failed as a father .

Am i missing something or is that a snoty comment that isnt worthy of a global moderator ? If i am i am sincerely sorry but i`d still apreciate it if you would explain to me . Have i missunderstood ? Have i missed something ?


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