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how to remove HI stains from equipment?

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SWIM dreamed about ma synth via a HI/Rp reduction of ephedrine a long time ago,unfortunately the setup wasn´t leakproof and the HI corroded all metal equipment. Sure that´s irreversible but SWIMs problem is that the stains on plastic devices aren´t removable with common cleaning technics too.It seems that the plastic parts aren´t really damaged, the HI just coloured the surfaces. 

SWIM wonders if there´s a good method to remove such nasty stains.

not HI. I2 stains plastics permanently, you cannot remove the stain because to do that you would need an oxidiser which penetrates the plastic the same way as the iodine. there's probably an oxidiser that is nonpolar like iodine, but i don't know what it is. Just throw it away. Use only black plastics and rubber to avoid this in future. Or be prepared to throw out any polymer of any description.

It's vaguely possible if it was left in the sun the iodine might be liberated, heat and UV, heat subliming, UV promoting oxidation...

what about if you get the yellow I2 colour on your hands, is it posseble to remove that with any solvent?

Use an acidified thiosulphate solution to reduce the I2. Not sure if that is appropriate for your skin though i.e. acid strength

Just let it wear off after a few days, unlike some other things it wont take that long to just go away.

Use solvents or acids on your hands is a no-no.... just leave your body to its own devices.


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