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how to remove HI stains from equipment?

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would sodium bicarbonate or sodium carbonate solution be alkaline to ionise the iodine?

Swim remembers the day when he had severe I2 stains on his hands (the day he didnt wear gloves) and the police rocked up to inspect swims guns.
Swim has an intercom at his gate w/camera, so after cursing about the I2 stains, his outburst was interrupted by Constable huey & loui talking through the intercom!!
swim almost died, he also almost shit myself!
Swim will point out that the police did not state they wanted to inspect the guns through the intercom, so he thought they were here to bust him.
To cut a long story short, I doused myself with deoderant and poured blue, green & red food dye all over my hands and shirt and said that i was tyedying an apron, lmao  ;)
I2 stains lasted about 10-12hrs.

Leave for 10-30 min, and see it disapear:)

Wash it with a solution of sodium thiosulfate:

sodium bisulfite Is also suitable for this purpose a dilute solution of around 5% works fine when washing organic layers sodium thiosulfate is used also to remove halogens for example when halogenating arenes see electrophilic aromatic substitution reaction.


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