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Swim is performing his first gaba->gbl/ghb synth and is unsure as to what stopper he can use on his distilation setup. swim has a rubber stopper but he fears that it may be disolved. He has cork but fears the high temps will destroy the cork, what should he use? he dose not have the money to buy an all glass distilation setup and he wants to re use his dcm!

Ive seen this asked before, the answer is in TFSE
UTFSE for "stopper GBL"
Post 421276 (hCiLdOdUeDn: "Cork contains", Chemicals & Equipment)


i have yet to find an awnser to my question. i cant seem to find teflon stoppers, is it ok to use a dry spray stick on teflon on a rubber cork? and back to my original question, is it ok to distill dcm using a rubber or cork stopper, i cant find any info that says i can not. The thread concerning cork said not to store the gbl in a bottle with a cork stopper for extended periods, is it ok to use cork on a distilation apparatus with out terribly hurting th purity of the gbl? thanks

if you read clearly it say if you have any doubt at all, use a glass stopper. unless, of course, its hydrofluoric acid... :)


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