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no one has ever synthed lsd?
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Get your tools!
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Hey now,

When you are able to actually obtain any ergot alkaloids then start figuring it out.You have a long,long trip.Then you have to fandangle several hard to aquire materials into your lap.Not to mention quite a bit of missing information or "Technique".Let the true light shine,bee careful.Know your tools. :P


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ergot caution
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Wolfgang is saying that ergot is an abortifacient.


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Ergot Growth parameters
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I believe that a Laminar Flow would suffice to do the work of culture of ergot and for sterility, but Trichaderma is going to be your worst enemy.  A rotary shaker could be made out of a dc motor and then it is just in the prep of the substrate and innoculation.  The fungus will grow.  Remember not to autoclave the carbon source i.e. sugar(glucose, sucrose etc.) with the rest of the micronutrients or they will be useless.  good luck.

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Re: LSD synthesis
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Everyone says this synth is so hard. The only thing hard about it is the acquisition of the chemicals required. If are even thinking about performing this synth, I suspect you have chromatography skills and other basic skills needed to pull this off. 

If you follow Casey's synth, everything is fairly easy to get, aside from the precursor. Perhaps you can convince your doctor you have chronic cluster headaches and whomever can prescribed you Cafergot you can separate the extracted alkaloid via column chromatography. The end result is Ergotamine Tartrate.

Never had the urge to make LSD. Made DMT from 3-acetyl indole, reduction of beta-keto-DMT with NaBH4 is the final reaction.  2CB, DMMDA-2, MDMA, MDA, & GHB ala Sandmeyer. If I ever take LSD again, it would have to be from a fellow brother. I tried 2,5 NBOMe and while I may have a lifetime supply hiding underground in a universe far far away, I actually like it. A lot actually. Extremely euphoric, not a bad next day. I am just worried about volumetric dosing drugs that are lethal. 

It has been 15 years since my last LSD trip, wouldn't ming achieving this goal and calling it wrap. For personal use of course. You don't sell LSD. You give it away.  8)
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Re: LSD synthesis
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First step I suggest u obtain a nice flowhood n sterile work environment study up on growing claviceps paspali in bulk potatoe dextrose agar ..learn correct lighting used when working with such substances...... pray n look hard for Steven Halls Strain of C. Paspali... its out there. ... maybe one day u will get to lithium lysergate .... its an alchemical process that takes very much skill...goodluck

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Re: LSD synthesis
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Ergot alkaloids cause uterine contractions. Primary use in obstetric medicine is to help expel the placenta and staunch hemorrhaging. This is done AFTER birth of the neonate mind you.

Deez, whats beta-keto-DMT like? surely you gave it a try before reduction to DMT.
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Re: LSD synthesis
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I was talking to this old bee he said that his first attempt instead of growing ergot in a bio reactor was using a modified large easy yo yogurt marker hehe :P
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