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I understand your intentions are good, nice find, but keep your sources to yourself, us bees are able to find websites online and those of us who aren't able to really shouldn't be messing with chemistry.

thanks for the laugh,  ;D ...

Who would have thought that you could purchase a "Make your own chocolate  in the comfort of your home kit", and whilst on the same page order a professional geiger counter (for those uncertain moments in the kitchen when it really is better to be safe than sorry.  ::) ), and then have the convenience of ordering pH papers and an economy lab jack to boot (never know when this piece of equipment would come in handy, probably most useful during a late nite purification of (chocolate 238).

kidding aside, the posting of any commercial suppliers is for good reason forbidden.  You would not want to wake up one Sunday morning and find that your source for clandestine chocolate manufacturing supplies has been exploited, uncovered, and dismantled.  



oh shit i did sorry thought it kinda funny fuck me my bad

Good One M_E!
Those clandestine chocolate bunnies may just well be the source of financial support for terrorists the world over!

An interesting aside on why posting commercial sources is not good.
When Ibee ordered his first chemistry set along with sounded like a good Idea to post the site.
WRONG....The owner of site sent Ibee an email through the site where the link was posted and was Irate as hell dfemanding the link be removed...
DUMB Ibee(forgetting) used the same old email addy in the order!
Didn't take long for that disgruntled idiot to put two and two together!
That little stint closed shop for a long time waiting for residual fallout!
3 years ago...but still...a closecall!
Needless to say...all email accounts were quickly abandoned!
What's the statute of limitations again? :P


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