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Im a newb and wondering if recrystalization effects the yield. ::)    I don't want to poison my friends but at the same time i'd like to have a good yield. Talkin about mdma crystals. Would be greatful if any one with experience would reply.

I have no experience with it, but I can say that the yield of pure substance will be smaller when reXtalization is done; the overall yield stays almost the same (almost always some small mechanical losses will occur). But after a recrystallization, you have a smaller than original amount of clean MDMA.HCl and a small portion of impure MDMA.HCl, dirtier than before. But you can always recrystallize this small crappy amount again, and then again... until it isn't worth the work and solvents anymore.


affects, NOT effects

the former is a verb, the latter is a noun.

Thanks Bond_DoubleBond for giving me a good chuckle here.  My sentiments exactly.
 In response to spunky366, if you've been conscientious about your procedure throughout the synthesis (doing the necessary A/B and final vacuum distillation of the freebase, etc.) recrystallization really is not necessary.
  Although it is always fun.

Effect is a transitive verb too, look it up in a dictionary...yield is the direct object, so it's being used correctly there.


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