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In the name of peace-

"No political discourse besides drug policy, not even in the den, for the sake of peace in the forum community".

Breaking this rule will relegate said post to 'vacuous posts' at best, and possibly deletion, depending on the degree
of inflammatory content.

This is a peaceful community, and we want it to remain so. Please keep your political arguments to yourself, they serve no constructive purpose to this sites mission.

This is a temporary rule imposed until Vesp can make the final decision.

A little addendum: this does of course mean recent political topics predominantly.
But it also includes historical political topics.
Just the two big things people will have greatly differing opinions and we really don't want that here.

The exception is, and that should be clearly of course, is drug politics.
But keep it focused on the drug aspect.

Its better this way we don't lose anything of value.
But in return we get more peace and less reasons to run into each other for stupid differences in political opinions.
It is probably not fun for most, it gets very quickly borderline serious, as most people react somewhat personally offended if their political point of view is attacked.
No need for such stupid reasons to fight about, with the worst outcome being people starting to lose respect for each other because they are of a different opinion, about a least important thing.
That could possibly break even our covalent bonding as a community! :o

(yes I know I am guilty here too... ::))

This place should be like a bar - no religion, no politics.

I guess I do not know which bar you go to.
The ones in my part of the world do not have any limits about what is talked about.
Some problems do arise from differing views but??

Then that's the place to go to discuss politics, not here.


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