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Failure to abide by these rules will result in consequences including, but not limited to, revocation of posting privileges and temporary or permanent banishment. Please report any posts or PMs that violate these rules.

* Do not post sources (i.e www.buystuffatthisplace.cxm)
* Do not plan, let alone carry out, the selling, trading, or gifting of anything through the forum.
* Posts should be timeless and free of personally identifying information.
* Don't post about committing a crime or inflicting harm in the past, present, or future. This includes posts about selling even unscheduled chemicals.
* New threads in "Main Topics" sections, excluding Acquisition, must contain at least one reference to prior art, such as a patent, journal or encyclopedia article, textbook, or experiment.
* Posts must be clearly written (this includes correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and nomenclature), informative, and/or thoughtfully inquisitive.
* Don't use SWIM or any variation of it.
* Keep all discussions professional. Do not personally insult other members.
* Do not make active URLs especially to government, journal, or publishing sites. Instead, replace the Ts in HTTP(S) with another character, or use an anonymizer as follows:
* Do not upload or link to copyright infringing materials.

* Do not use multiple accounts to validate or generate interest in a topic or converse with yourself.
* Do not chat with members or make off topic remarks except via PM or in the Introductions or Den of Iniquity sections.

* Upload files in posts instead of embedding. Click here to read why.
* Do not post on this forum if you are currently in violation of any laws or regulations. This especially applies to activities in the laboratory, garden, or internet.
* Write chemical formulas properly. Example: CaO vs cao, or KMnO4 vs kmno4
If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please contact a member of the staff.

     Multiple accounts will not be tolerated and are subjected to deletion without prior notice. If the problem persist you will be permantly baned from access to The Vespiary under any and all usernames present.

Thats after we beat your ass and feed you to the wasp!


Rules were added in fear that post quality has dropped and that they are now necessary.

# Posts should be timeless and impersonal
# Don't post about selling drugs.
# Don't use SWIM or any variation of it - I find it annoying and I think it lowers the quality of posts - and thus the forum.

Dunno... I personally, am shocked and horrified that somebody that may one day in the future visit this site could even contemplate using or even worse, synthesizing various drugs... These are mind altering substances people, the Gov't has (quite rightly IMHO) decreed that they are verboten, thus they are not in the public interest.

That said, I am, despite the feelings alluded to above, quite certain that it is in the best interest of your/my Country(s) current and/or future good, that there be a free and honest discussion about whatever needs to be discussed and that freedom of speech is sacrosanct (except where there is actual incitement to commit a crime and/or where that freedom is misused by someone knowingly assisting someone who they believe, or could be otherwise presumed to believe, to be breaking the law, otherwise known as collusion and/or conspiracy).

In such circumstances, or where there is any doubt as to the legality of what a person is doing (or perhaps more importantly, what they SAY they are doing) I, and I would suggest others, should hesitate to assist where a person states that THEY personally are currently, or intend to, act contrary to laws made for the morality and good governance of their local area, State or Country... For fear that "free speech" may be rather more one side of the line than it should be, or more plainly, that it could be made to "look" like a criminal conspiracy. Which given the current status of "publication" and the Worldwide Web, means that what I write here could, theoretically at least, be prosecuted wherever it is read and the same for everyone else...

I personally will not make any response to any topic where it appears that a person is engaging in an illegal activity themselves, thus I disagree with the ban on SWIM'ing...

this may bee a stupid question, but i have never understood the 'Posts should be timeless and impersonal' rule or suggestion...

for shits and giggles, could you put an example of a post that would be considered 'timed and personal'?

is the personal part saying things like 'i distilled X, then i aminated Y' or what?

and the timeless part... wouldnt that bee kinda a disservice when concerning matters of legality? i mean, laws change, and if a post speaks of say, mdp2p, like it was still unscheduled, then maybe one would assume it was cool to order a 55 gallon drum of 'tone to their doorstep. imo, if you dont know mdp2p isnt scheduled and your dumb enough to order it then you deserve to bee locked up, so maybee thats a bad example, but show what 'timeless' means too, if your not busy and have an example handy.

its the only rule i just dont get really... and ive been around these boards for more than 10 years. maybee i shoulda asked a long ass time ago, but i guess i never had a problem with it cause rhod never locked any of my threads for beeing 'Rated as: timed and personal!' :)


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