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Please consider donating to The Vespiary.

Bitcoin Address: 1VespJ7dUtwMmvz6oDsMFDzs18kML58UV

Hosting is going to cost ~$300 per year starting in 188 days as of December 16th, 2013. This is because I am going to be putting the site on a better host that is more friendly to Tor exit nodes. This includes HTTPS, and all the typical stuff.

Any donations beyond $300 will go to the next years hosting or used to pay programmers to make the site better. I don't want to raise more than $300, if there is a need for anything more I will specify the reason and go from there in a separate thread with a separate address.

Bitcoin address: 1VespJ7dUtwMmvz6oDsMFDzs18kML58UV

If $300 isn't raised within 188 days I will still provide hosting but any help with this would be appreciated and allow me to focus on other things.
This obviously isn't an urgent issue, but I am putting it up now in case any one is feeling generous. Bitcoin is increasing in value so $10 now might be $30 later. Who knows.   

Bump. Could we perhaps raise $150 in the next 50 days?

I think you will have enough for this year ;-)

Thank you so much! Everyone else who uses this site should be thankful for the generous donation Tsjanga has given.

Yes, thank you Tsjanga!


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