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maybe so, maybe not
« Reply #100 on: November 07, 2002, 09:32:00 PM »
SWIG had real fun some time back when he added 35% H2O2 by drops into the ker plunking pot. Furious explosion of activity! Toss in a little more salt! Add a little more NaOH! watch it bubble!

Then someone posted in this thread and suggested peroxide destroyed meth by oxidizing it. That sounded like something SWIG would just prefer to avoid. He recalled that peroxide did reputedly damage the pseudo molecule, and one should not add that capful of peroxide to the reaction. He thought that peroxide in the ker plunk might destroy the unreacted pfed. He did several reactions, he told me, with the 35% peroxide and on each use noted no loss of yield and had great, clean meth with each reaction.

Problem is that he got very similar results with 3% peroxide, and with none. And he is hard put to say that the amount of unreacted pseudo was a problem at that time anyway.

He did recall how the addition of peroxide would have a color change effect on any gakk residing at the interface. The peroxide would cause a purplish to black stain in the gakk that dissappeared with stirring. The color reminded him of iodine, and he assumed the peroxide was acting on sodium iodide in the still fairly acidic polar layer and he was seeing some I2 precipitate then dissolve. The color change never seemed to happen after the polar layer became basic. It only happened at the start, when he first started basing the polar layer. At times the addition of H2O2 would result in a red coloration, which sometimes lasted for most of the ker plunk.

As to your other hypothesis about peroxide reducing iodopfed,etc. Geez would prefer to say nothing and be thought a fool than to post something which would remove any doubt.  ;D  

Mostly harmless


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« Reply #101 on: November 08, 2002, 06:30:00 AM »
From what swim understands it destroys unreacted gear, the meth molecule is stronger and can withstand the small amounts added. Swim notices with the addition of 3% the gear is snow white after the evaperation. A noticeable difference from drab white, almost like the difference between flat and glossey paint
That is realy the only thing noticed with the final product when it is added.

The end result is directly connected to the effort applied


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With KP duty
« Reply #102 on: November 26, 2002, 04:40:00 AM »
The key point in the H2O2 additions is a drop here and there, NOT a capful, or any multi drop additions, just a drop now and again. I love the KP! 8)

Oh sweet spirits of camphor! Can't a man get any NOURISHMENT around here? Now go away!


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How does Ker Plunking apply to a birch where...
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How does Ker Plunking apply to a birch where Toluene is added a post-rxn mix to dissolve the hopefully converted meth freebase and then washed with water. Swix is suffering from horrible emmulsions when the Tol is shaken with water. Could this emulsions contain the goods? Last attempt got Swix about 25% return in unreacted pseudo after the emulsion was discarded and the rest of non-polar was gassed. Could Swix have discarded the goods in the emulsion somehow?


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> Could Swix have discarded the goods in...
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> Could Swix have discarded the goods in the emulsion somehow?

Yes. You threw out your product.


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replying to:
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