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5min MBRP removal

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I wouldn't dare reinvent the wheel. Just posting my expierence. I didn't encounter any extra fumes, surly none worse then the acetone it self. But with out saying things like this (espeicaling working with acids or solvents that desolve in water) should be done under a fume hood or outside.

to work better than marbles,just use whatever blades you want  Ibee likes "coping saw" blades (coarse ofcourse)

Remember in the world today the universal cure is becoming more scarce, even with MBRP.
MBRP whether its matchbooks or matchbox has a variety of different substances/glues.

Some MBRP will come clean just by using a cocktail of solvents, others requre scrapeing no matter what.

It amazes me how many newbees make new threads just to tell everyone they have done something, whether its pseudo extraction or MBRP cleaning.
What they state can easily be found in TFSE and letting us know youse have done these feats serves no purpose at all, cept to clog up these forums.

But this is the learning curve of the newbee, as it always be.

After you have generally rid your mbrp of glue with acetone/HCl/IPA washes, you would probably want to get rid of the paper by washing with hot sulfuric acid which will dissolve all cardboard/paper/anything organic.  That leaves mainly one thing, glass.  Would a 3% solution of HF be sufficient to get rid of the remaining glass, and would HF attack red phosphorus?  I have a very cheap OTC source of 3% HF  :) .

Pouring HF on RP is stupid, as is hot sulfuric: Post 468895 (Osmium: "Strong H2SO4 might oxidise some of your rP,...", Stimulants)


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