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"True Blue" NH3/Li reduction ie birch

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Swim have five kgs of Ephedra Distachya or Ma-Huang. He extracted alkaloids with two different methods.
 first by Hydro-Diffusion Extraction (also known as percolation) is the newer extraction methods for essential oils..He  fed steam in from the top on to the botanical material in cylinder while in the case of steam distillation, steam is fed from the bottom. When he got the distillate He evaporated it to low bulk after acidifying it by HCL then extracted by toluene then rendered alkaline with lye. After drying he got 100 grams of free base by this method.
Second  with solvent method he added plant material powder in water for two days with good stirring. The mixed extract is filtered and rendered strongly alkaline with sodium carbonate and the mixture again filtered. evaporated to low bulk and The filtrate is saturated with sodium chloride, then alkaloids extracted with toluene he got 100 grams of free base by this method.
.After this he decided for Birch reduction. He carefully collected fb obtained by both methods which is brownish black oily type. Slowly he dried it with low moderate heat under a griller.
 In three necked 5ltr round bottom flask in ice bath with calcium chloride  (super cooling) whilst fitting it into the bucket system. He added NH3 , stirrer ,then added 15 gms of Li metal in and wait 20 minutes for it to dissolve, When Solution turns dark blue he added pre addition 500 ml petroleum ether then he pour freebase gently into the dark solution.
Other 100 gms he put in flask fb first with petroleum ether then poured NH3. Then he poured sodium 45 grams till solution become royal blue.
 After adding water and evaporating NH3 he found brownish black colored residue in the bottom of flask. which is not in the pet ether. In both cases. While a little amount of oil found in solvent. He extracted it and bubbled he got 3 gms of cubic and needle type  small sized crystals. Which is soluble in water but not in alcohol…. He is in hot water. Any one must help him where is the problem. He is sure that plant matter is Ephedra distachya or Ma-Huang

Is there a simpler route to generating usable NH3 Mister cleans genorator and condenser?
SWIM has not been able to aquire a tank since the late 90's. Since the dawn of the 'SnB and variations of the BIRCH and Benkesser, just starting to dream again has had it's barriers with new gaks.
I am hoping to glean a few more simpler methods.

Thanks Bees!

Also wanting to check out more threads on p2p from Benz aldehyde then to racemic Methamphetamine using sodium borohydrate.


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