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"True Blue" NH3/Li reduction ie birch

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Hey O.G.  Swim would like to read some thoughts on small birch's.  P.m Bigblue as well, or just post it in this topic.  T.I.A


Also search the server room here st the hive. 8)

Thanks weaz. It's about time somebody saw the value and potential breezy flow of the NH3/Li. I call it this because it really isn't a true birch reduction. A true birch utilizes sodium as a reagent in liu of Li. I do not however recall the actual name, although it has it's own, of the NH3/Li rxn. Keep your eyes peeled in a few days for a few pages of drawings etc that may benifit swiw. It may take me a few days to get this info in a medium that makes any kind of sense at all. Especially in that I am not familiar with the software necessary to get the schematics ready. I'll do my best but I wish I had access to a scanner. Then I could just color a pretty picture and voula...insti map. Also I use the computer in an environment that is within the commons area of the complex where I reside and lots of other tenants seem to slow the process if ya catch my drift. I will not forget you though and If I were you I'd study at Rhodium and search on "The complete Birch" by mister clean. This document has been around for a long time and speaks with lots of hands on experience regarding the rxn as well as generating NH3 on your own from OTC products. Thanks for your patience and understanding. I may have to ask swim to nano a batch of ambition to keep me company.....

Hey Big with weaz you can keep an eye peeled for a workup in a few days. I'd convert the whole world if I could thus saving me from ingesting those awful post Rp/I crystal imposters. If you have any doubt just look at them under a microscope. A true Methamphetamine crystal has a 3/1 structure ratio as with various other unique characteristics that the imposters don't. A true Rp/I rxn takes well over 48 hours to achieve product even remotely close in uumph and yield. Not to mention that stinky, messy need a home-lab-kit package that comes with it. After all how would swim explain the need for a 1000ml flask, contained heating element, condenser as with the peeling paint and rusted blinds that result. Goooooood luck! He's got Iodine stains on his fingers, Got a silver spoon made of glass, and a grand piano to prop up his mortal remains.... Isn't that a Pink Floyd spin off? Swim would rather play in the stench for an hour,then be done with it, incriminants and all. If done properly one would never even know NH3 was utilized in this process.(at least from a smellers perspective) Then comes "fluff" time or real shards if prefered.

By the way....Whats this stand for?


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