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Umm, I did, If you noticed, I even mentioned that in the posts.  I cannot find any info on synethising N-phenethyl-3-methyl-peiperidone-4 from piperidone-4(monohydrochloride).  I asked whether one solution I thought of was correct... and all I get is UTFSE?  Believe me, I did.

What the fuck are you guys smoking???  Rate this as insignificant too.  Thats all you fucked up high and mighty sanctimoneous moderators do anyway... Instead of giving a helping hand, you keep saying use the fucking search engine...  I didn't ask, give me the recipe of such and such, or make xyz for me, I asked for pointers or documents that can show me the way.

I used to think of you guys as being chemists who are open to questions and helping newbies not up to your standards to better understand this subject, but you guys are not.  You gys act like highschool kids with their own cliques where outsiders are harshly treated.  Some of you really act like immature pricks.

What are you going to do now, ban me because you consider me an annoyance in your perfect little totalitarian world?  I expect as much now.  (I'll withhold the name calling the moderator deserves.) 

Again, this is the question In asked, maybe my FSE skills aren't up to par.
"Could someone tell me or point me to any doc that explains how one would get N-phenethyl-3-methyl-piperidone-4 from 4-piperidone ?"

I checked again, and the FSE doesn't come up with any doc which contains anywhere near this answer.

>:(  >:(  >:(  >:(  >:(  >:(  >:(

What I found:

Post 438010 (pHarmacist: "Substituted N-Phenylpropanamides", Novel Discourse)

Post 60132 (missing) (Rhodium: "N-phenylethyl-4-piperidones via acrylates", Chemistry Discourse)

Dunno NOTHING about opioid/fentanyl chemistry, but TFSE turned up LOADS of even whole threads about the topic when searching for "3-methylfentannyl"...

I SERIOUSLY doubt that all those texts are only about its pharmacology!!!!

Greetz A


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