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11 months ago


You were no longer a criminal you were a victim of circumstance who needed help.
The city to help save people from the rotten opiate supply actually set up vending machines which dispensed pure heroin.
Now the circumstances havnt changed at all.
And suddenly you're a criminal again.

So they make public drug use illegal again. Means now shooting up Heroin on the children playground and leaving the needles there is not possible anymore. Thats what you crying about? No changes in substitution programs or regarding drugs somewhere else then bus-stops and just somewhere on the pavement in full sight of everybody. So what? Junkies, or call it "Opiate and Benzo Personality People" are not the greatest specimen humankind has brought forth IMHO, they deserve all help and supply as all drugs should be decriminalized but their use in public should absolutely stay illegal alone as if not all decriminalization/legalization attempts are hellbound.


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