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I got off track while looking up stuff on the MgCl2 synth and started reading the extraction and isolation of myristicin from nutmeg oil on rhodium. Someone I used to know managed to trip off nutmeg and I've read several trip reports from others that have tried it. Would it be safe to taste the aromatic ether fraction of nutmeg oil? Would it produce effects? It sounds pretty easy to do.

The page on rhodium said the significant constituents of the aromatic ether fraction for 20 grams of nutmeg are:
myristicin (210 mg)
elemicin (70 mg)
safrole (39 mg)
methyleugenol (18 mg)
methylisoeugenol (11 mg)

If it's safe, what would be a good dose to start with?
Better loving through chemistry.

Would it produce effects?
Yes but more toxic effects than anything else. Most people can find better, less toxic ways to catch a buzz.

I like to try every drug and every position at least once.  ::)  ::)  ::)
Better loving through chemistry.

what is contain on nutmeg?when i buy nutmeg ,my vavorytas on nutmeg is zero and i was able to traditionaly consuming. i was grind to a nice powder then place to a glass or a beaker and adding hot water stirr with spoon a time and a tea bag. wait until all nutmeg is settle down into the bottom and separate or filter the powder . 3pieces of nutmeg is enough to make my body warm and then felling marihuana syndrome, with outer eyes is became big and feel hungry and eat like mad, good feel humors  for at least 6Hours. when i consume it for several day and stops , i only found my head was dizzy and being lazy.


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