Author Topic: SWIM's idea for a stealth NH3 generator.  (Read 9439 times)

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SWIM's idea for a stealth NH3 generator.
« on: September 03, 2004, 11:14:00 AM »
SWIM has tried krackleback and Mr. Clean's methods. He likes them, but there is a problem. Ammonia is lost because there is not enough pressure on the system. Also, both have the "methlab look" to them. If Ronnie Redneck was hunting deer and found you, he'd know exactly what you are doin'.

So SWIM has an idea to solve both of these problems. He read a thread a while back about a guy who condensed his NH3 in a gatoraid cooler. He has an improved version he wants to run by you guys before he tries it.

So here is the design:

In a 5-gallon gatoraid cooler, you put an "inverted bowl" or something to hold up a 3-liter bottle. on the other side is a 1 liter, with duct tape attatched, going up to the top. The cooler has a pressure vavle where the nozzle used to go. Pressurized to 3.5 PSI over atmospheric pressure.

the 3-liter has the top cut off, and inside goes a 2 liter. In the 2-liter goes ammonium nitrate and NaOH (later).

I'll tell the story from the pespective of the Anhy: Fist it is makde in the 2 liter. it goes through 1/4 inch tubing up to a drying tube with NaOH. It then comes out the tubing on the other side. The tubing runs around the 3-liter 18 times. Between the 2 and 3 liter there is dry ice, as there is around the outside of the 3 liter. the NH3 runs down into the one liter. through the top. A small hole is punched in the 1-liter to allow the pressure to enter/exit. After the NH3 has condensed, pull up on the duct tape, an you've got annie! place in the top of the remaining dry ice, and add Li/ E.

Sound good? I know there is no pre-cooler, but the pressure should more than make up for it. Or at least that is what I calculate from PV=nRT.

As a bonus, a gatoraid cooler looks less conspicuous than a bunch of tubes and shit going to a gas can or a 2 liter. A guy at the hive had a similar design, but I beelive this to be an improvement.


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« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2004, 11:32:00 AM »
Cooling the generator(Lye/Fert mix) is a bad idea.

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(bbob: "problem w/under 30 min/under 40 nh3 generator", Stimulants)


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SWIM wishes he read that post
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2004, 05:22:00 PM »
SWIM tried it and found it yield much less than Krackleback or mister clean's methods. Back to the drwaing board.