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Cork contains
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Suberin (45%) - the main component of the cell walls; responsible for the resilience of the cork

Lignin (27%) - the binding compound

Polysaccharides (12%) - components of the cell walls which help define the texture of the cork

Tannins (6%) - polyphenolic compounds responsible for colour

Ceroids (5%) - hydrophobic compounds that ensure the imperviousness of cork

Mineral water, glycerine, and others make up the remaining 4%.

GBL can cause some deterioration and wear to the cork. Use glass vials with ground glass stoppers for maximum storage longevity.  ;)


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many compliments and great respect
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A true master of life---I truly thank you for your time and the amazing wisdom you have helped bring to us all---these are real praises--thank you soooo much for responding to the heart of the thread--  thank you thank you thank you--  I knew you couldnt resist a challenge ;D  
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