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P never thought to use a bag..good one.A thought..someone might be able to modify a salad spinner.

Also after P drilled all the holes,he ran a Dremel with a wool polisher and jeweller's rouge up and down each bore,fora very smooth surface.Pills are great,and it is fun to mess around-but if you are making them for yourself and a few friends,gel caps are worth looking into.Once you get the minions going on them and they are good,it doesn't matter.
P took a sheet of plexiglass and drilled 1000 holes through it.#3 gel caps were carefully measured for the height of the base and diameter of the top-the tops of the base caps were 2mm below the surface of the plexi--favourite dust was scraped in (to yield a 120 mg dose)all the top caps were put in/on and a small foam paintroller was rolled all over to close them up.Tipped over,bagged and started over.Can do 2000 gels an hour by yourself this way.
P suggests 10 holes for the personal/friends user.


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i saw this and immedantly thought of the pill...
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i saw this and immedantly thought of the pill press.

scroll down to the press section. "PP 005T polinator press"- fuck payin that much for a jack. but checkout the idea and make a tray to hold the press. how easy do you think that would bee to recreate with a car jack and long bolts from X-Mart. probably like $60. it provides 5 tons, which is more than enough. thought it might bee some inspiration. 8)