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Easy Gassing technique
« on: November 08, 2001, 11:42:00 AM »
I came up with this gassing technique for all those who have limited space and cant go outdoors and have neighbors close by.
Go buy two of those nice plastic Nalgene bottles from youre local science store. Or one Nalgene, One glass bottle with a screw on lid. Drill a hole in the center of each lid and fit a hose barb from your hardware store through the hole in each of the lids. Make sure it is a airtight seal. Put some gaskets in there to insure security. If you want take some filler stuff and smear it on the outside to make sure. Then connect youre hose from lid to lid. I like those pnuematic braided hoses for hydrolic lines cause they have a pressure connect for airtight connection. (Fitted to there own special barb.) Drill on smaller hole in the lid for youre gas and but a sealable barb on it.
Now put your rock salt in the gassing bottle seal tightly and youre tolune mix in the other. Pour youre sulfuric in the small hole in youre gassing bottle stopper and thats it. You litterally watch the gas go into the gasing container and see youre product fall out. You can let this sit for days with no real worry. It takes a little longer han bubling through but you dont have to watch it or anything.  You might want to put your container with the goods on a magnetic stirrer and occasionally set for low stirring to aggitate the mix. And the nalgene bootle is great cause you can squeeze it to get more gas out or shake.
Have found that will always get the expected yield from product like this and never any worries about water or suckback or other shit. Just sit back let it go for a couple of hours filter maybe gas again. I use a 1l bootle for gassing and a bottle that is 3x my volume of tolune for my gassing container. Never have to worry about making more gas during gassing and I only use the smallest amount of salt and Sulfuric so less waste. Hope this helps anybody