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Salon Peroxide - Not viable (READ)
« on: October 23, 2003, 09:54:00 AM »
I read a post (old hive) that indicated some beez were interested in using salon peroxide- like what is used in dyeing hair- to produce a peracid (performic and/or peracetic)

To be sure, the "volume" or strength indicated on the bottles of salon peroxides refer to the volume of oxygen produced from the reaction with ammonia based hair dyes...

20 volume  and 40 volume hydrogen peroxides available from the salon supply stores contain 6% and 12% H2O2 respectively.  100 volume hydrogen peroxide would equal to 30% H2O2, it is not available in salon supply stores.

other ingredients are usually monopersulfate and sulfuric acid;  which would otherwise be desirable in peracid formation, but as is the case, have very little significance, because food grade 35% h2o2 is widely available and far less than the cost of equivalent 12% (30 volume) hydrogen peroxide.


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this is my first post...
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2003, 10:16:00 AM »
this is my first /MODEST/ contribution to TTTTHEHIVEEE

My first official writeup izz on the horizon.   SWIP has had a very lucid dream where peracetic acid and alkene reacted to give a yellow-green/brown oil that turned orange/red-brown upon rearrangement. 

The yeilds so far are fantastic, with an 80% molar conversion to the crude ketone.  Amination yet to come a la Os/Barium.

Still waiting on a distillation rig I ordered over a month ago. This seems to be par for the course... I waited over 2 months to receive the essential oil...  apparently the order got lost in the mail (envelope was mangled once received)... I almost had a refund processed because of the delay. The supplier pulled an 11th hour reprive and called me to say the oil was on it's way from london at the original quote price, not the subsequent increased rate- a truely class act- which I appreciated immensely, and now I will stick with said supplier because of their accomodation.