Author Topic: butane vs. pentane for THC oil extraction  (Read 4910 times)

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butane vs. pentane for THC oil extraction
« on: October 17, 2001, 05:24:00 AM »
I, that's right I, not SWIDA or SWI any other fucker....

Ahem, I decided to try pentane to extract my last batch of high grade clippings instead of butane cuz I'm tired of buying 10 cans of butane from home depot.  I figured that since I could soak the material in flasks instead having the butane just run through that this would more completely extract the THC.  The butane extracted plant material is dry as fuck (devoid of oil) so it never seemed like that method was lacking but ya know the mind can play tricks on ya.  So anywayz, I put my well ground plant material in two 1 L erly flasks, topped them with pentane, and let them soak for a coupla dayz, shaking each day.  Well the results are in and while this is still a far better solvent than DCM, chloroform, or acetone, it still isn't as selective as butane.  I think if I had just shaken it with pentane and then poured it out immediately that the solvent wouldn't have picked up as much chloroform (Chlorophyl you meant, LT/ ) as it did over several dayz.  Hey, I still have more high grade leaf from my newest outdoor harvest and more pentane.  In a few dayz once that shit is bone dry, I'll try shaking it with pentane and then immediately pouring it out.  I still doubt it will bee as selective as supercritical butane, but what the hell.... :P

The fan leaves are going to be used for making beer. 

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