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Polly wanna ESTER? or awww shit!
« on: February 05, 2002, 07:25:00 PM »
Why OH pulls are NOT indicated, as first step...

I finally started research on net through the pharmaceutical polymer data.  Low and behold they have this *ucking polymer that reacts to hydrxoides to form a mass surrounding the drug so that the drug will not be assorbed until entering the intestine.  Hydoxide is the OH- that comes through base disassociation ie: dissolving lye or sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, (and on and on) in an aquaeous solution (water).  Minimal amounts of polymer is even needed, as in parts per billion.  The easy solution is to use another polymer to pull the shit polymer out of solution

 Thanks to WayUpNorth for the quote and research above....

In a step reaction mechanism, monomers can react with any nearby monomer. In contrast to chain polymerization, no special activation is needed to allow a monomer to react. Frequently these reactions are copolymerizations, where two types of monomer are present and each reacts only with the other (and not with monomers like itself) This type of polymerization is also called condensation polymerization because water is often liberated when the polymer bonds form. Example reactions include

Polyester formation: The monomers are diols and diacids. The acid groups react with the alcohol groups to form ester linkages.


Please note that heat may initiate some polymerizations too.

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Re: Polly wanna ESTER? or awww shit!
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2002, 08:47:00 PM »
While Old Mr Magoo bee searches for his glasses...The rubber-Babee-buggy-bumpers enter the park! "Hey isn't that BenWiffen over by the bumpercars?" "Let's go say High!!!!"
As bees know...there is tons of info aquired by following links to keywords off this board as well as on! And when links off the board confirm the findings of what is discussed here by learned and schooled chemists as well as the clandestiny drives home the futility in barking up the wrong tree! Their knowledge shared are unpayable debts to this bee! It's mindboggling! These lessons I call unconditional gifts given freely by the "Paid in Full"
WUN's post especially varifies that the bonding of polymers are investigative targets and need to be kept an eye on as they are changing in formulations! I am the farthest thing from a chemist....but red lights are still red lights! At times I may come across as condescending and "know more" when all I know is what I read and deduct through reasoning what gets understood and in the big picture I know very little!
Several Red lights have surfaced lately regarding the inactives being activated by conventional extraction methods that bees employ..and these are specificly directed at foiling our attempts!
What goes in....must come out! What comes with it needs "Kicked to the curb"! Facing insurmountable odds using limited comprehension skills, knowledge, and experience, are no excuse for at least not taking a peek! Call me a PeekingTom! The cookiecrumbs dropped by elder bees are treated as WholeCookies by this one and treasured as leadingedges for our advancement!
I must go study more.........
Peaceof the reaction

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Re: Polly wanna ESTER? or awww shit!
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2002, 11:22:00 PM »
What do step and chain polymerisation reactions have to do with drug chemistry?
(hint: nothing)

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Re: Polly wanna ESTER? or awww shit!
« Reply #3 on: February 05, 2002, 11:27:00 PM »
Os, you are so correct, they are a perfect parallel to the many posts where aspiring honey bees make glue though...They have to do with inactive additives, and unauthorized extraction attempts.

The presence of polymers, and this one infers, "potential" polymers, in OTC meds is confirmed above by WayupNorth, on  post from long ago? WTF? Is this the wrong forum? If so earnest apology to all and please relocate as you see fit.

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