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My favorite massage oil
« on: May 12, 2002, 05:10:00 PM »
Lindera has a new favorite massage oil! The best part is since Lin needs his back rubbed a lot he buys it buy the case. The smell reminds him of the Appalachian Mountains. So if there are some other Bee's out there that are having a hard time finding a good oil I'd recomend ( If your smart you'll find it and order it from a local healthfood store)... hey! no sources!
the best part is it comes in an 8 oz. bottle
anybody know carrier:essential oil ratio?

yeah I'm shady but I like my oil!


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I hate having to sound like a tool
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2002, 01:36:00 AM »
All right since I'm new to this posting thing, can I at least give a link or something?


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hey now!
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(Chief Bee)
06-05-00 12:24
No 13988
         It is forbidden to post sources in this forum!   Reply     

You are not supposed to post names and addresses of chemical suppliers in this forum. If you do that, they will become publicly known, and may stop selling to individuals, or they may be busted BECAUSE they sell to individuals. Posts which includes sources by name will be deleted. It is also very forbidden to try to sell things in this forum.
This is how rhodium wants it dont give out any  chemical sources , including posts its real simple dont do it! Anyone who really is having a lucid dream will find that with a little looking dreams come true.Seems to swiw your just dyin'to give out a source.sit on it.

I will choke untill I swallow!Who are you to judge or strike me down!Miss you Kerra! :P