Author Topic: hello all swim have been on this site for 3...  (Read 2297 times)

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hello all swim have been on this site for 3...
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C6H5BrMg PMB wath is that ...
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C6H5BrMg PMB wath is that Phenylmagnesiumbromide and paramethoxybenzene ??? If so bromobenzene and paramethoxybenzene shoul not bee so hard to find.


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bromide...swim understands it's not hard to...
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if that is what you wana be then, start by labeling you post question relevant to the question, instead of some dribble... i am merely just pointing this out to you so that other bees benifit from your post in the future if one is to conduct a search..

bare that in mind, be specific with your question, dont dribble jiborish