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sources of sassafras .........
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dont really kno anything about mdma but
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you want sassafras oil

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You might want to go with the oil
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Ordering rootbark would really be a waste of time.  Of course you could steam distill the oil, but ultimately it would be cheaper to buy sassafras oil.  This product is used in some aromatherapy products and is sold as an essential oil.

If you are just curious about rootbark, then depending on where you live you may very well be able to find it yourself in the wild.  I always regarded the rootbark as more of a novelty, it's fun to chew on, but I don't see how it would be economical to rely upon this as a source.

Also, before you post your questions on the forum, you may want to consider consulting:

You will find that quite often you can find the answers yourself much faster than by asking questions in the forum.


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If you're a brandnewbee, then I second saving ...
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If you're a brandnewbee, then I second saving yourself the time, hassel, and money of steam distilling rootbark. From comparing prices, I've found that ordering rootbark is more expensive than oil. But if you lived near a sassafras forest, go for it.

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There exists maps, I beleive, on Rhodium's page that outline the distribution of wild sassafras.

IF you're in such an area, collecting/distilling your own oil is certainly feasable.  In the areas where I've found Sassafras, it's literally everywhere in wooded areas - and I mean everywhere.  It grows like a weed, and it's not uncommon to find acres upon acres that are abundant in sassafras. 

I've never actually seen a sassafras "tree" as it is portrayed on some botanical sites - only as a small weed/shrub.  It's very easy to identify.  If you live in such an area, your sass is abundant and free (minus your time).