Author Topic: acquiring nh3 thru hvac channels  (Read 1211 times)

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acquiring nh3 thru hvac channels
« on: November 30, 2002, 05:51:00 AM »
have used tfse
however, have found out-of-area(not too far out though) supplier who will ship under 100 lb cylinders of nh3
however, one wants to know if it will come courtesy of the dea and dea driver?
had rap down good and real reason

also called places for regs--seems everyone is unclear on
r7-17 at the supply houses. no one stock nh3 in this area even but
one retail place will top=up my rv unit for 300 bucks!
so, as i stated i tried to find out if my mobile freon cert was good enuf to get it--some say  yes-others say no you need stationary license--some say no license req due to epa changes since nh3 is not ozone depleter
jose very confused mexican
anyone help here


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SWIM know a person involved in small time LEGAL ...
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2002, 12:00:00 AM »
SWIM know a person involved in small time LEGAL distrubution of NH3 tanks, and maybe just a bit on the side one might think.  But you can bet your ass it isn't much because he get visited about every third tank he orders, and that seems to be getting more frequent.

And every single one of these tanks is being purchased by a totally legit busniess(all do blueprinting I think) that has been ordering the same thing for twenty years from him.  So I would take a toothbrush if you try to go get one with a bogus company name that isnt of the highest substance, with bank accouts that are aged and taxes paid on employee's etc...

One option which might be usefull for additional safty was brought to SMIM's attention by a sympathetic friend in the chemical distribution/waste cleanup industry.  Whenever the boys come and review activity, it is most often triggered an interest in a specific target but they almost always collect the entire book of grey area activity over the perceeding period.  They would then prioritize by window of opportunity, so someone with a single order being picked up tomorrow would be placed above a monthly standing order, prepaid for the next three months to lock in quantity pricing.

Sense industrial chems are cheep outside of the blackmarket, paying for three and getting two, whould seem worthwhile.  paying for three and getting one, would give you very good deterance it would seem, especially if your first order was close at hand.


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