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Please explain....
« on: December 09, 2003, 12:16:00 AM »
Swi8 usually uses a twin neck flask with angled splash head and liebig condenser to distill, xtra flask neck makes easier to add NaoH as swi8 usually fits 5ml syringe to a thermometer holder. Too easy.

At the present when doing smaller reactions i use a 250ml flask which has only one neck, so instead of using splash head i use a normal distilling bend with xtra access for thermometer which i use for NaoH syringe and other for my condenser.

IMHO using angled splash would be the best choice, so here is my question, Why ??? For a better yield ? For better quality ?
In swi8's past experience it is a lot quicker using a normal distillation bend opposed to an angled splash head so IMHO in this instance quicker is not probably better, ie. lower yeilds and a lesser quality. Is this correct.
Also if there are other reason's for better or worse, swi8 would appreciate them.