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Obtaining solvents from regional chemical supplier
« on: September 25, 2002, 04:48:00 PM »
Swim got tired of trying to find impossible to get nitromethane from every possible exhausted local source. This included all hobby shops, local gas stations, drag race-strips and race shops. The last reference pointed toward a regional mid-level size company of chemical supplies. Swim called the first company and asked about nitromethane and Methylene chloride. He was referred to another similar size regional distributer. They were then called. When the sales person asked what was being sought he was told nitromethane. The guy somewhat paused and asked what it was being used for in a partially questionable tone of voice. Swim felt like saying "I just want to mix the nitromethane with some KOH and see little bubbles you jackass!" But swim held back and told the sales person that he had been able to get this fuel for r/c fuel mixing in another state with no problem and found it impossible to find in this state and therefor was referred to call his company. He stated he didn't have such item and that some company at blah blah mixes those chemicals and check the net. Swim confirmed his denial by asking "so you don't sell to individuals?" and the response was confirmed so.
   Distributer 2 was phoned and asked about the products and was not sure about the nitro but said they do have difference DCM grades with 19 litres (5gallon pail)  being the minimum purchase and it was also possible to obtain a free 1 liter sample. Swim asked if an account was needed to place an order. The lady hesitated and said:
   "Well, we could place an order to your credit card and deliver it to you but it shouldn't be necessary to get an account."
   "Well, I don't know when I will be at my office to have a sales rep meet me so would it be possible to bring my credit card and pick the item up personally?"

(with hesitation again) "Um, we would deliver it to you because it would be no charge to you because if you wanted to pick it up we would need you to sign some papers waiving that you have the proper insurance to carry such items"
    "Do you mean auto insurance or some type of special hazmat transport insurance?"
    "Just car insurance."

Anyway, it was agreed that swim would call back the sales rep to contact for the free sample. However, she seemed insistant to bring it to my office. My question is this: Having this sent to a home would probably raise some questions from the sales rep. If asked for its intended use would it be viable and reasonable to say you need this to for a known sample to do TLC on various consumer adhesives and paints for a class project, thus delivery to your home?Or some bullshit like your doing a summary on various VOC's with their water solubility ratios, vapor pressures, etc, etc for a chem class your about to enroll in? If these chem distributers rather sell to a business will they ask for some type of business credentials, etc? There is no way swim can have this sent to a place of business now. Its logistically impossible now. And swim isn't about to set up a business front just to get some punk-ass 5 gallon pail of dcm or liter or nitro. But then swim sort of looks like a punk-ass older college kid which might be suspicious in itself. What's the chances of getting things like this from these distributers? Also, one lady confused nitroethane (just under nitromethane) as being a what swim asked for and being available from Dow chemical. Dow chemicals - yeah fat chance in hell that swim will even call them.


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Why all the problems?
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2002, 07:14:00 PM »
thus delivery to your home

I know when you said home, you really meant someone else home, in someone else name.  NEVER order anything to your house. period. ever.

Why all the hassle over the DCM?  I'm sure it can be found within 10 miles of your house.  It is in numerous paint strippers (very easy to distil), and pails of pure DCM can be had from "plexi-glass" specialty stores, for making your fish tank.  (utfse)

Did you ask your local race car stores about ordering nitro for you?  How about a fuel vendor? 

Most places aren’t going to stock nitromethane, and they will need to order it for you.  No problem, have them order, come back in a week and pick it up. 

Here's a tip:  Look for nitromethane distributors and then look on their web site (or call them), and inquire where they distribute to.  Then call a local place, they give you and have them order.  They may require you prepay, which is fine.  Just use cash.  It's really very simple.  I think I found 3 of these on 1 page @ giggles. 

NEVER ASK A COMPANY IF THEY SELL TO INDIVIDUALS.  It makes you look guilty.  Have your company name all ready to go, and all the info about your company worked out, before you get on the phone.

pick up a copy of sources and read, several times.

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If you're having trouble finding DCM, you're ...
« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2002, 11:58:00 PM »
If you're having trouble finding DCM, you're looking in the wrong places.  I have yet to find a chem supply that didn't stock this.


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Nitromethane is very easy to find.
« Reply #3 on: September 26, 2002, 02:28:00 AM »
Nitromethane is very easy to find. If your calling hobby shops and dragstrips, your just wasting your time. The net is the best place to find it. It's a racing fuel, high performance racing, and most people don't have high performance cars.

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