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will cause the octane rating to plummet.

Isn't that kind of a good thing?

Plummet means to decrease, to cause the octane number to become smaller. A fuel with a low octane rating will combust on the compression stroke of the engine without needing to be ignited by the spark plug, it will cause the engine to ping or, in the extreme case, cause the engine to diesel. Thus a low octane rating is good, even necessary, for a diesel engine but bad for other types of engines.

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Methylamine and model fuel
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A model engine is a 2 stroke, and does have a diesel like combustion process.  The fuel is usually a methanol and castor oil blend (4:1 is the standard methanol/oil mix).  Methanol is replaced in varying percentages by Nitromethane depending on the level of performance required from the fuel.  I have personally used up to 70% Nitro in my fuels. These engines use a glow plug for the ignition in conjunction with the fuel compression.

Now if someone making this fuel and potentially marketing it came up wit a performance enhancement by adding methylamine or if it gave some other advantage as an additive for this kind of fuel, it would then be reasonable for a model fuel manufacturer to buy methylamine. 

One of the OTC uses stated for Methylamine was as a fuel additive.  What I am getting at is what does it do in fuels.  Can someone who makes this fuel reasonably purchase Methylamine?  Especially in South Pacific Countries that recently hosted olympics?



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octane decrease
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well one of the disadvantages of high Nitromethane in model fuel is that the ignition point does get delayed.  It may be an advantage to bring this ignition point forward in the cycle.



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scram ...
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Don't post sources!

UAFSE! I'm sure there's more than one use for methylamine.


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