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extraction and storing as a base
« on: January 14, 2004, 10:05:00 AM »
Was at my cottage and I had some intermediates like petroleum ether, NaOH and potassium cyanate, and a bottle of syrup containing norephedrine hcl..

I basified the syrup, and extracted it with petroleum ether but I didn't have any funnels/ziplock-bags or any other
ghettoware to separate the layers so I thought I'll buy some ziplock-baggies from the local store and HCl from the pharmacy the next day...

Then I had emergency call and had to come back to the big city ;).. I left the sealed mason jar with the NaOH/Benzene to the fridge and now comes the question:

The freebase has been sitting there for couple of weeks now and I think it has formed the carbonate from the CO2 (from air which was trapped inside the flask), but is it still usable for 4-MA synth?

I've never encountered this kind of 'question' beefore =)