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please, can't that shit be made from fuckin' benzene or somethin?  IMO the main problem is you get racemic meth, which is not nearly as good as d-meth.

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Some people purposely try to get racemic meth and ...
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philly versus cali
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I guess it's all a matter of opinion.  I prefer racemic amphs to straight d-amphetamine, due to the easier comedown.  I've heard other people say they prefer the Philly high of racemic chili as well, so whatever floats your boat.  It's nice knowing that you can make racemic meth and the only somewhat suspicious chemical you have to get is the pseudo.  RP and Iodine can be just as suspicious to acquire as pseudo, if not more.

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Self-checkout vs dumb clerk
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Had something funny happen at wallyworld today when buying some tone. Swim decided to get two small cans instead of the gallon size. Swim knows it's cheaper with the gallon, but he hates having big containers of solvents stashed around. So swim goes to the dumb clerk and swipe, swipe-BEEP!

[clerk, confused]: uh. oh, it looks like there's a one-limit purchase on these.
[swim, surprised]: oh really?
[clerk]: yeah, that's strange...
[swim]: huh. well there's also a gallon size about 4 times bigger. I didn't need that much though...
[clerk, still confused]: ....
[swim]: that's ok don't worry about it

Sounds pretty stupid they limit acetone to 1 but pseudo at 3? There's no doubt why they limit the tone.. but geez that's dumb when they also have the gallon size.

Moral of the story: Swim wouldn't reccomend self-checkout machines.. because if it beeps like that when you try to buy too much, somebody has to come check out why it beeped, and probably hit a reset. Now, the person would probably be somebody who actually knew a thing or two, otherwise they wouldn't be put in charge of supervising 4 machines. Basically it just draws unwanted attention to yourself. Stick with the dumb clerks. There's always plenty to choose from!!


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Loss Prevention Officer at Wallyworld?
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I know a guy who is doing 42 months fed time because the loss prevention officer at Wallyworld saw him and his ol' lady getting "Several of the items used to make meth" and had the cops waiting outside.  Said items being lighter fluid, sudo, and tone, along with a lot of other really deadly stuff like jeans and socks.  What got him busted was havinga warrant for his arrest for another charge, a bag containing a 'detectable amount' of something in his truck, and a lab at home. Real brain surgeon, this guy. They cant bust you for three boxes of sudo, but they can and will jack you up and hassle you, find out who u B, and report it to the DEA.  Very much of that and you are hit. With all the research that happens here, has anyone ever looked what they will do to swim when he gets popped?

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The next time you walk through the line at the 'wally world', wink at the chick who is ringing you up and make a point of getting her phone number.



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3 boxes...96ct...30mg???
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fuck a whole bunch of wal mart
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Stealing is fucking stupid.
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Stealing is fucking stupid. Especially from a dollar store.

If you can't aford to spend $4 on pseudo to save $100 on meth, you're too whitetrash to even be attempting to cook. You'll end up on Cops for sure when they come busting down the door to your trailor.


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saved more that $100
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before you bitch at me
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Re: its not like what the rest of yall ...
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its not like what the rest of yall "aren't" doing is any less illegal than stealing more so actually...

No, but theft isn't a victimless crime. Those dollar store owners barely get by themselves.

why don't you go to the stimulant forum and bitch at everyone who steals nh3

I do, quite frequently. UTFSE