Author Topic: Please list ALL OTC chem sources here.  (Read 7069 times)

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I thought nitroMethane was available as opposed to nitroEthane. From what I've read nitromethane usually contains extremelly small amounts of nitroethane ( like 2% or 3%). Nitroethane is List I or II isn't it?

I have found a place that sells both nitromethane and nitroethane. I've abandoned my dreams of performing a synth (at least for the next year or two, there's just no way) so it's been a while and I've lost my list of sources and prices but as I recall the nitroethane is much more expensive than nitromethane.

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that shits not as easy to find as one may think especially the 99.5 %stuff.real hard but not impossible.Drag racing is my favorite sport those little cars arent good or pure enough!

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depends on the engine
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nitroMethane is used as a fuel enhancer for alcohol fueled engines, while nitroEthane is used as a gasoline enhancer.  I think it has something to do with the k value of nitroethane being a lot higher and being run in higher compression engines.  Don't quote me on that though.  I just know they sell it.


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> I just know they sell it.
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>  I just know they sell it.

Not much longer if you guys keep telling every wannabee where to find it.

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