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MDMA is not good for your health and the use of the substance always comes with risks. In this video Bastiaan provides you of the most important do's and don'ts to limit the risks.

MDMA crystals - Do's and dont's | Drugslab

Rens tries Ecstasy (XTC / MDMA) | Drugslab

 ;D ;D "this is so cute" ;D
Nellie trips on 2C-B | Drugslab

Nellie dances on MDMA crystals | Drugslab

i dont get that chan tbh
its cool in theory .. and looks like its scientific
but not really
its just people doing drugs in lab setting.. wasnt all that interesting to me,  but i guess it would be cool for first timers..
maybe i would appreciate more if they spoke english. but was a little disappointed..
maybe im just old and burned out on trip reviews..
they should throw some combos in there .. maybe mixing piracetam/nootropics on top of mdma
something a little more ground breaking other than stating what we already know?

i bet none of them has the ballz to do 5-meo -dmt..... i know ill never do that again

Would like to see them try 4mma with mdma. I'd like to see Nellie dance on that.

The thing that is most enjoyable of drugslab is that it is paid for by the government. Is part of a public channel (vara-bnn).

eh, don't like em.
they're doing it purily for the views and they made a couple of mistakes like saying that levamisole in coke is normal and not that bad/leaving out advice about dxm/asperin iirc.


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