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Be open about drug use

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It all depends (openness about use of dope) on WHERE, WHEN and WHOM you live/work/exist/do drugs with.  Where I'm at now in my life, I'm pretty fucking "flat-spoken" (in other words don't ask if you don't want to know), but I'm a small, small town where everyone knows me and knows I'm not a thief or a "reseller". I'm the village eccentric...........

If your young, raising kids yada yada yada, yeah, ya better be cautious as hell about who you let know your business.  Just sayin'.....

*edit* Been using meth off and on (more on than off) for forty years and I damn sure still go outside in the daytime......LMFAO

And why do so many forum force people to use SWIM, as if that works or has value...It is rediculous


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