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Chloroform fractions
« on: March 17, 2003, 02:04:00 AM »

SWID recently had a dream about making chloroform.  In it he mixed 490mL 6% NaOCL with 6.3 mL of acetone.  Once the solution turned cloudy he added some ice, then placed the reaction vessel in the freezer.

At the end of the reaction the small blob of chloroform could be clearly seen at the bottom of the flask.  However, the solution appeared to have three distinct layers.  The top layer, about 1/20 the volume, was a clear liquid.  Next, which compromised everything to the bottom where the chloroform blob was located, was a very cloudy mixture.  Upon extended further cooling (and the removal of the chloroform via syringe,) the entire solution became clear.

Any ideas what this top fraction is?  It has not any particular smell or feel, aside from that usually associated with household bleach.  Are there any prominent side reactions that SWID should be made aware of?