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--- Quote from: poisoninthestain on April 29, 2014, 09:11:33 AM ---Yes, thank you Tsjanga!

--- End quote ---

x2, thanks Tsjanga!

No thank you guys!
Happy to contribute a bit in keeping open this nice place full of inteligent people!

I need to start keeping a few btc around the way I used to in the old days. These days Im not sure what the best way is to exchange moneypacks into coins. Im afraid Ill either get fucked out the gate buying them or value will go back to $5 each two days after I pay $500 for one. I know its lame as fuck, but these things really do keep me from 'coining up'.

I need to get over it and just do it since I feel an incredible urge to donate here.

The current funds is no longer shown, did the digital currency crazy leave you independently wealthy @Vesp? Where does the site sit financially?

Nah that's been depleted quite a while ago. Someone sent me $40 bucks via Paypal for it.
Currently I can handle the costs, but donations are extremely welcomed.

Sadly no! I lost out on the whole cryptocurrency thing a bit. I had 34 bitcoins at one point in 2016 but had to sell them after holding onto some of them since 2011. lol *homer simpson "do'h"

I'm all about Monero now anyways - in case you couldn't tell from my signature.
If you want to donate and need help, let me know.


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